TenderCush - Help with sleeping on the wounded side

This blog post is from a wonderful lady called Sheila Logan who we know via an article that Pink Ribbon Lingerie and TenderCush both featured in Vita magazine back in 2011. Sheila’s post is about her breast cancer story and how like us she wanted to help others with her business TenderCush.

My name is Sheila Logan and on 1st June 2009, following my first mammogram, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My treatment plan was for a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 5 years of medication.  Following the surgery, I was left with 2 wounds close together under my arm, which proved both painful and awkward in everyday situations.  

I found it difficult to sleep as lying on the wounded side was too sore and lying on the opposite side meant the weight of the breast was pulling against the wounds, travelling in the car I was always protecting the area in case of sudden stops and out shopping or socialising I felt quite vulnerable as I was afraid of anyone bumping into my wounded side. If you can imagine having a shoulder bag on one side while trying to protect the other side and push a shopping trolley around the supermarket at the same time, it was awkward!


I searched for products to help and saw nothing so designed and made items for myself which helped me greatly in recovery. On speaking to other women I discovered that many felt the same as me, so decided to make the items available for women to buy at a time of need, and TenderCush was born!


TenderCush currently have 3 products,

Our Shaped Cushion finished in lovely “cuddle-soft” fabric has a removable cover, can be used when sitting watching TV etc, and aids a good night’s sleep.

Our Travel Cushion has an adjustable strap and is intended to be used when travelling in the car or around the home.

Our Cushioned Shoulder Bag, a truly liberating product, is fully cushioned, it has an adjustable strap so can be positioned where protection is required, but it looks and operates like an ordinary bag.

The best thing about starting TenderCush is when I hear from the women who have either bought the products or been given them as a gift, letting us know how much our products have helped them following surgery, it makes it all worthwhile.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event, but there have been so many positives I have experienced because of that diagnosis. It helps you to appreciate the really important things in life.

I grew much closer to my great friends and family, I have met so many lovely people. I was a model in Breast Cancer Care`s Fashion Show and the next day headed up to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis, all raising funds for a great cause.  I have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Gary Barlow, Chris Evans, Brian Cox, Michelle Mone, all things I would never have done prior to this diagnosis.  

I would say to anyone newly diagnosed or going through treatment, it seems like a long dark road ahead but there is an end to that road and hopefully, it will be a bright and happy future.  

You can read more about TenderCush and buy the products online at www.tendercush.co.uk or on Facebook @TenderCush. If you have any queries please get in touch with Sheila via email at info@tendercush.co.uk.