7 Tips to cope with scanxiety

7 Tips to cope with Scanxiety


Scanxiety is the stress and worry in the period before a medical test, during the test and while waiting for the results.


The term is commonly used by people who have had a cancer diagnosis and who have to undergo imaging scans, which lead to a variety of emotions.

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The scans can be carried out for diagnosis, to monitor treatment or to check for recurrence and the emotions that come with this can greatly impact a person's life.

It is totally normal to have trouble eating, sleeping, mood swings, lack of concentration, and feeling out of control.


  • Try to recognise how you are affected by Scanxiety, you may have a number of different emotions that you go through.
  • Understanding that Scanxiety is totally normal
  • Be kind to yourself when you are having these emotions and treat yourself with compassion.

How to help with Scanxiety

1) Have a plan in place on how you will receive the results, find out when you are likely to receive them and how.

2) Staying busy can help, try to keep to your normal routine and do things that you enjoy.

3) Keeping still can also be beneficial, overthinking is common and slowing things down us activities like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and prayer can bring calm within.


4) Talk with a health care professional like a counsellor or your breast care nurse.

5) Exercise and a healthy diet have been known to alleviate stress, plan to eat your favourite meals and go for regular walks

6) Write down your thoughts in a journal

7) Positivity, remaining positive and focusing on your inner strengths and taking one day at a time.

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If you have any tips for coping with scanxiety please email us so we can help more people affected and we will update our blog post regularly.



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