How a bra should fit

If you’re new to the world of breast cancer it can be overwhelming. In this post, we will be sharing with you how to get the right fitting bra and what to look out for. 

Getting the fit of your bra right is important. Do your bras dig into you? Are they loose and unsupporting?

Are you the women, who as soon as they walk through the door at home they want to take off their bra. If your wearing the wrong size bra you will be amazed at the difference in terms of comfort you will get from your bra once you get the fit it right.

Do you know your bra size? Are you really sure?

Our bodies are always changing, we fluctuate in size for numerous reasons. We can increase or decrease due to changes in the level of exercise, medication and age. So it is advised that you measure yourself or get yourself measured every 6 months as you won’t always be a 36C. Sign up to our mailing list and we will send a pdf our how to measure yourself guide.


*image from Ruyce Lingerie

Each bra you have will fit you very differently, they make be different styles or made from different factories even if brought from the same brand.  So here are some key tips to look out for.

1) Your bra should be quite firms around the body and ideally when brought fit you on the 3rd eye adjustment.  It should not ride up at the back. As your bras age they become looser and at that time you would adjust to the 2nd or 1st eye adjustment.


2) When putting on your bra, loosen the shoulder straps then tighten as needed. Your bra straps can loosen in the wash so make sure you adjust them each time.

3) Breasts and breast forms should be enclosed within the cup.

4) The centre of your bra at the front should be close to the chest wall.

5) The fit under the arms should be firm.   

That said your bra size is just a guide. I know shock right!!!!

So if you can order/try on two or three of the same bras you are more likely to get the best fit. Don’t look at the size try it on, look in the mirror to see it fits like the image above when done up on the 3rd eye adjustment.


If the bra is riding up at the back

You should try the bra in a smaller back size,  an example would be a size 36D is riding up try a 34C. This will give you a better fit around the body but the larger cup will give you a similar cup capacity. 

*image from Ruyce Lingerie

If your breast is overflowing the cup

The cup size is too small try going up a cup size, for example from a 34C to a 34D

*image from Ruyce Lingerie

There is too much room in the front.

The cup is too large, try moving from a 34C to a 34B.

*image from Ruyce Lingerie

If your bras dig into you

Try using a bra extender.  This will give you a few extra centimetres.


Bra Extender

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Hilary & Camille xx

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