How great lingerie accessories can make a difference

Great lingerie accessories can make all the difference 

If you’re new to the world of breast cancer it can be overwhelming.  It can also open up a new world of specialist post-mastectomy products. Some which can be expensive. 

In this post, we will be sharing with you some great lingerie accessories that you might want, that will help your bras fit better and last longer. 

We stock a beautiful range of mastectomy lingerie that will meet your needs post surgery. From everyday bras with high cotton content. To beautiful matching sets and bodysuits, all pocketed for your prosthesis.  On top of this, we have a great range of accessories to compliment the products you may already have at home.

Mastectomy Lingerie

Mastectomy Lingerie

Lingerie Bag, Shoulder Cushions and Bra Extenders 


These three great accessories will help you feel comfortable and help your products last longer.

Lingerie Bags

A Lingerie Bag protects delicate garments from being damaged in the wash cycle. It prevents bra straps from becoming tangled and stops fastenings catching on the wash drum or snagging other laundry in the drum.

The lingerie bag also has some great other uses too. I use another bag for washing socks, that way you never lose socks anymore. I also use lingerie bags when going on holiday, I pack I lingerie in 1, socks and swimwear in another.

Lingerie wash bag

Shoulder Cushions

Silicone Shoulder Pads are great to use if your bra straps dig into your shoulders.
Try our Silicone Shoulder Pads for a comfortable fit.  
The shoulder pads and also help to stop your straps slipping out of place and is great if you have a wider neck top the pads will keep the straps in place and out of sight.

Bra Extenders 

Does your bra feel a little tight around the bra band?

We stock a range of bra extenders which add extra inches to your bra band size by up to three eyelets.  You simply clip them on to existing bra straps. No sewing required. 

They're available in White, Black and Nude.

Bra Extenders

Do you have any lingerie accessories?

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Hilary & Camille xx


Pink Ribbon Lingerie was launched in 2010 by mother and daughter Hilary & Camille, selling post-mastectomy products in a wide range of colours and sizes from suppliers all around the world, giving you more choice with the aim to help women feel beautiful.