20 Useful Travel Tips

Travelling can be a great way to unwind and enjoy life, but preparing for a holiday can be quite stressful. Here I share 20 travel tips so you can prepare with ease and have a great trip.

Before you travel 

1.    When booking your holiday or flights always use Google incognito. If you don’t want Google Chrome to remember your activity, you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode. This means the cookies aren’t tracked and the prices won’t go up each time you check on them.

2.    Buy a small amount currency for the destination that you are travelling too, enough to last a day a two, to cover the taxi in case there is no Uber or your wifi is not working. 

3.    I use a Monzo bank card when I travel, Monzo has a great app that tracks all your purchases will let you know what the current exchange rate is in the country you are in. The exchange rate is based on the MasterCard exchange rate but what is great about it, it that Monzo do not add on fees for your purchases abroad.  Taking cash out abroad is different, currently (August 2019) you can take out £200 cash every 30 days free then you pay 3% after that.

4.    Download the language spoken at your destination on Google translate on your phone before you travel, you won’t need to use your data when using it.

5.    Always take pictures of your passport, your insurance details and any other essential documents like medical information. In the unfortunate event, you are separated from them you can access them with ease. 

6.    Email yourself the pictures of your passport and/or your insurance details and medical information in case you lose them or the phone breaks, it will then be easier to get everything sorted.



7.    When going on holiday plan your outfits for each day. This helps me to stop overpacking and allows me to leave space in the suitcase to buy things to bring back.


In my last blog post The Holiday Checklist I share a tried and tested packing checklist.

8.    Take pictures of your outfits on your phone this saves you time when working out what to wear when getting ready. 

9.    Mastectomy Tankinis are great as you can wear them as tops while on holiday with no need to wear a bra as it has built-in support and pockets for your prosthesis.

10.  Use lingerie wash bags to pack your swimwear, underwear and socks.

11.   Roll your clothing or use packing cubes, this gives you more space in the case.

12.   If going on holiday with your family or partners mix your clothes in each suitcase in case one goes missing you can then all still enjoy your holiday.

13.   Pack a reusable tote bag, this will reduce the need for taking a plastic bag on a shopping trip.

14.   Bring a mini medical kit. You can’t prepare for every illness, but you will save time and stress if you pack, some ibuprofen, antihistamines, Immodium, moleskin for blister, plasters and antiseptic wipes. 

Before you fly 

15.    In your hand luggage, pack a spare set of clothing, swimwear and your PJ‘s. If your suitcase gets lost or delayed it won’t ruin the start of your holiday.

16.    Pack snacks for the journey, this is a must for me as I have allergies to dairy and eggs, and I often can’t eat the meals on the place. My favourite snacks to bring are fruit, mini-pretzels, popcorn or crisps and snack bars. Buying them before you get to the airport will save you lots of money.

17.    Pack antibacterial wipes, planes are some of the filthiest places, before I sit down I wipe down the armrests, tray, screen and buttons. Watch this video of Naomi Campbell, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me! 

18.    Take a refillable water bottle, I love my Life factory one.  You can’t fill it up before security but airports have refillable stations, so you can fill up before you board and use throughout your holiday.

19.    If you have Lymphoedema ask the air steward for extra pillows so you can elevate your arm to right angles this will help with the lymph drainage as the swelling can get worse due to the cabin pressure.


Don't forget

20.    Always wear sun protection, reapply throughout the day and when you come out of the water. Don’t forget your eyelids and the back of your hands as these are the areas that are mostly forgotten.


What are your favourite travel tips? please share below in the comments.


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