Pink Ribbon Lingerie specialises in mastectomy lingerie, clothing and swimwear in a wide range of colours and sizes for women post surgery. We are an award-winning small family business helping women feel beautiful after breast cancer.


My name is Camille and I set up Pink Ribbon Lingerie with the help of my mum Hilary in 2010 because of her experiences of buying lingerie following her breast cancer surgery 25 years ago.

Our beliefs:

We believe that every woman should be able to wear beautiful, luxurious and functional lingerie; swimwear and sportswear and sleepwear.

We really would love your feedback about our new website and the products we sell, please feel free to email us: info@pinkribbonlingerie.co.uk or complete the contact us form.


Hilary’s Story:

"Before I had my mastectomy 25 years ago, there were no pretty bras for anyone over a size 38 and I was size 42 before my surgery. I was 49 years old when I had my mastectomy and, all I wanted to wear was pretty, feminine bras. Things have improved greatly over the years but it is still difficult to find good mastectomy products."


Camille's Story:

"Because of my mum's negative shopping experiences post surgery, I discovered that the lingerie options for someone who has had a mastectomy can be quite limited. Unless you are internet savvy and have loads of time to surf the net looking for products, you may be unaware of what is available. Ultimately this can leave women post-surgery feeling frustrated and disappointed with the lack of choice.

I decided I wanted to do something about it, but it has been a long journey. When I turned 30 and read an amazing book called "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho (Which is about your life journey and not putting things off in your life). I was truly inspired so that by the time I had finished it I knew what I needed to do. The very next morning I told my manager that I wanted to leave my job. So 4 months later I found myself sitting in a bar in Chelsea at my leaving drinks, ready to take on the big wide world.

I revised my business plan, became a trained bra fitter and started on my research, but still struggled, like many start-up businesses to get funding. I was determined not to give up so I went to ask my mum for advice and help. We decided together to invest our personal savings in order to start Pink Ribbon Lingerie. We began with a small lingerie collection and then decided to add sleepwear and swimwear."

9 years later we sell lingerie; swimwear and sportswear and sleepwear for women post surgery. I have sourced products in a wide range of colours,  styles and sizes from leading mastectomy brands around the world and we are continually adding product.


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