SUPER COOLING TOWEL - product images  of
SUPER COOLING TOWEL - product images  of
SUPER COOLING TOWEL - product images  of
SUPER COOLING TOWEL - product images  of
SUPER COOLING TOWEL - product images  of


£5.99 GBP
1 Towel | PRE-ORDER | Grey
Introducing the Super Cooling Towel: Your Essential Companion for Comfort

Are hot sweats, flushes, or night sweats disrupting your day? If you've experienced the effects of chemotherapy, hot flushes, or early menopause, our cooling towel is here to provide instant relief.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this towel features a unique structure designed for optimal sweat absorption, circulation, and evaporation. Simply soak the fabric in water—any temperature will do—and experience immediate cooling comfort.

How to Use:

1. Soak the towel with water and gently wring it out.
2. Snap the towel several times to activate its cooling properties.
3. Enjoy instant relief as the towel cools your skin.
4. If the towel loses its coolness, simply repeat the process.

Key Features:

- Lightweight and Refreshing: Experience comfort on-the-go with our lightweight towel.
- UV Protection: With a 98% UV blocking rate and a 50+ UV protection index, your skin stays protected.
- Chemical-Free Cooling: Enjoy the cooling effect without the use of chemicals—just normal temperature water or sweat is enough.

Washing Instructions:

Machine Washable: Activate the cooling properties by snapping the towel after soaking it in water. Hang dry for best results.
Water Wash Only: Avoid using bleach, ironing, or tumble drying, as these may damage the fabric.
Care Instructions:

Avoid High Temperatures: Keep the towel away from high-temperature and high-humidity environments.
Wring Out Excess Water: Prevent clothes from getting wet by thoroughly wringing out the towel after each use.
Keep Out of Reach of Children: Ensure safety by keeping the towel away from children.

Note: Over time, the edges of the towel may loosen and curl due to regular usage.

Experience the ultimate cooling relief with our Super Cooling Towel. Pre-order now for delivery the week of March 25th and take the first step towards comfort and relaxation.


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