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Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)

Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)
  • Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)
  • Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)
  • Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)
  • Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)

Accessories Set 4 (YOU SAVE £6.10)


This accessory set consists of
1x Lingerie Bag
1x Lingerie tape (9 meters plus dispenser)
1x Pair of Silicone Shoulder Pads
3x Bra Extenders (one of each colour)

Lingerie Bag:
A Lingerie Bag protects delicate garments from being damaged in the wash cycle.  It prevents bra straps from becoming tangled and stops fastenings catching on the wash drum and snagging other laundry.

Lingerie Tape:
Lingerie tape is to women what Duct Tape is to man!
It has dozens of uses and once you've used it you will be sure to agree that it's the single most important problem solver in any woman's arsenal.

• Use it to hold clothing in place, if you wear a cowl neck top or dress but are worried about it gaping as you lean forwards then this fashion fix is all you will need.
• Use it close unwanted gaps in blouses.
• Use it to hold up socks.
• Use it to repair a hem or tear in clothing.

Since it's in a dispenser, you are not limited to pre-cut strips. You decide how much you need and custom cut what is needed.
Attach tape to the inside edge of clothing, once tapes are in place remove protective lines and press clothing to the skin. It has a crack-n-peel liner of easy application…. We’ve tried out loads and this one is the best!

Silicone Shoulder Pads:
Ideal if you find your bra straps dig in to your shoulders. The shoulder pads and also helps to stop your straps slipping out of place.

Bra extenders:
Add extra inches to your bra band size by up to three eyelets.
Simply clip them on to existing bra straps. No sewing required.

Set includes one of each colour in 2 hooks (Narrow), 2 hooks (Wide) or 3 hooks.



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